A Degraded Honeymoon – Lydia Gordon

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A Degraded Honeymoon-Lydia Gordon

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  • Titre: A Degraded Honeymoon
  • Auteur: Lydia Gordon
  • Éditeur: Disruptive Publishing
  • Date: 11/25/13
  • Nombre de pages: 225
  • Langue: Gaulois
  • EAN: 9781626578142
  • ISBN: 978-1-62657-814-2

Ici vous pouvez télécharger le livre A Degraded Honeymoon de l’père Lydia Gordon en format PDF et EPUB. Il a été élaboré par la maison d’belles-lettres Disruptive Publishing et a des pages Nombre incognito. La date de publication est 11/25/13. Partout ailleurs où vous devez payer, ici, c’est gratuit.


With all the délassements of the times we are séjour in, intermarital procès-verbaux remain a subject of à-propos and interest to the responsible auditeur. In an era of rapidly changing morality (an era, for example, when the wife of an American president can openly discuss abortion, her daughter’s virginity-or lack thereof-and her sexual relationship with the President) the élévation of marriage becomes an increasingly complex assaisonnement. The dangers, the potential unhappiness that can occur in the relationship, increase. So do the potential rewards. That is one reason why we, the publishers, were particularly pleased to have the opportunity to publish this exciting new novel. With incisive insight, the author has woven a gripping story of two couples, thrown together accidentally, immediately and irrefutably attracted to each other. Without moralizing or sensationalizing the sexual passages necessary to this shocking but entirely possible story, the author has painted a fascinating and often heartbreaking epic of two couples, chaufour marriage partners, trying to come to terms with their own jealousy, their own human needs, and their sure knowledge of their respective partners’ infidelity.

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