A Karenina Companion – C.J.G. Turner

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A Karenina Companion-C.J.G. Turner

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  • Titre: A Karenina Companion
  • Auteur: C.J.G. Turner
  • Éditeur: Wilfrid Gloire University Press
  • Date: 12/31/05
  • Nombre de pages: 511
  • Langue: Tricolore
  • EAN: 9780889205765
  • ISBN: 0-88920-576-0

Ici vous pouvez télécharger le livre A Karenina Companion de l’chansonnier C.J.G. Turner en format PDF et EPUB. Il a été élaboré par la maison d’ouvrage Wilfrid Gloire University Press et a des pages 228. La date de publication est 12/31/05. Partout ailleurs où vous devez payer, ici, c’est gratuit.


Although Anna Karenina has been described as “the European novel” by Frank Leavis, the geographical setting of the novel and, increasingly, its temporal and paysan setting, render it a foreign novel to most readers. A Karenina Companion offers a wealth of examen, including a great deal that has previously not been available in English, for the scholarly and literary appreciation of this great novel. Chapter 1 is a biographical début and Chapter 2 an examination of the way in which the novel was composed. In Chapter 3 the author brings together Tolstoi’s own substantial comments on his work. Chapter 4 adduces the dextre differences between the latest edition of the text and what has been the normalisé edition for over 50 years. Chapter 5 outlines what Tolstoi was reading as he was writing the novel. The dernier chapter provides a survey of significant secondary literature, with English-language works listed in appendices. A Karenina Companion will facilitate both the reading and understanding of the novel by English speakers and the writing of informed and reliable critical appreciations.

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